All You Need to Learn About Motor Oil

Fresh oil pouring into a car engine during a serviceWhen it comes to car efficiency, there are a lot of components and moving parts that come into play to get your vehicle running on the road. Motor oils play a significant role in keeping the car engine running. Oil affects many things including engine life, fuel economy, maintenance schedules and more. It is critical to making important decisions on choosing the right oil for your car. Continue reading All You Need to Learn About Motor Oil

Simple DIY Car care and Maintenance Tips You Can Perform

wheelMaintaining your vehicle is essential to keeping it on the road. For those who do not have a lot to time in their hands, car maintenance can be intimidating if they are not willing to undertake simple maintenance tasks. Professional car maintenance can drain your pocket very fast. However, the good part concerning repairs is that there is a broad range of simple tasks you can do, regardless of your expertise level. Continue reading Simple DIY Car care and Maintenance Tips You Can Perform

How to Deal with Engine Misfire

Engine MisfireAn engine misfire is a common driveability problem where an engine stumbles for a moment then regains its pace. As soon as the revolution per minute settles, the engine may misfire. A misfiring cylinder in a four-cylinder engine is hard to miss. The engine may shake violently causing vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel and through the vehicle. The engine may also fail to start which may make the car to break down. At such unfortunate times, you may not have a solution other than to call for help from a professional towing company such as

Causes of Engine Misfiring

Misfiring of the engine occurs when one of the cylinders in the internal combustion engine fails to fire. When one of the engine cylinders in an internal combustion misfires, the engine will still function, but it will lack the much-needed power to work properly. For the cylinder to function properly, several factors need to come into play. These include proper fuel/air mixture, proper compression, proper timing and correct spark.

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Tips and Tricks to Maximize the Life of Your Car

car lifeA car is one of the most treasured and valuable possessions. It is something we heavily depend on, during our daily commuting errands. Today, it is possible to keep a car long before making an upgrade by following maintenance and care tips that can maximize the cars life. Here are simple tricks and tips to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle.

Perform Monthly Inspections

One of the primary problems that many people face regarding car batteries is the build up of corrosion on the terminals. You need do a monthly check on the battery to ensure that the terminals are clean and corrosion free. Corrosion damages the connection between the vehicle and the battery. You can use acid on Coca-Cola or an alkaline solution such as a paste which eats the corrosion away.

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5 Ways to Improve your Car’s Fuel Efficiency


Wordcloud: #COP21 Fossel Fuel Did you know a car can burn up to 30 percent more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular schedule? The importance car maintenance cannot be over emphasized. As gas prices continue to sow high, improving your car’s mileage is paramount. By stretching a tank further, you can reduce the number of times required to fill it up, as this can help to do more good than harm.

Regardless of what car you drive, you can always spend a little less money at the end of the month. Cutting back on gas expenses is an excellent way to pad your bank account. There is range of tips that your that you can implement to increase the mileage for your car. Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Top Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Auto_MechanicImagine your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, without anything you can do about it, you sit in and wish you sold it off to the last offer you almost considered but didn’t. You barely know anything under the hood besides a build of mechanics that understand the drain on your wallet. Such a scene is quite familiar, actually more common. Because some barely know that there is an engine in the car, we do need professionals who understand all that we don’t in regards to automobiles. Continue reading Top Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

3 Reasons Why your Car Engine Overheats


engineIn most cases, cars overheat in scorching weather.  Although it is rare with modern cars, even the well-tuned ones can overheat. It is the worst feeling you can have as a driver when steam spews from under the hood while warning belts chime and lights flash from the dashboard. Heat is engine’s enemy. An overheating engine can cause considerable damage that would require a complete overhaul or replacement if the problem is not attended in time. Continue reading 3 Reasons Why your Car Engine Overheats

What you Need to Know about Car Wheels and Wheel Alignment


wheel alignmentThe wheels of your vehicle need regular attention and proper care. Wheels get damaged due to potholes and bad roads, leading to misalignment. When your tire alignment is out, your ability to drive safely gets compromised. Unaligned wheels can make your car pull to one side of the road with your steering wheel experiencing vibrations in it due to balancing issues. Such a vehicle is prone to cause accidents and depending on the state of the car, you might need towing service to have it pulled to the next auto shop. Continue reading What you Need to Know about Car Wheels and Wheel Alignment

How to Plan Your Car Care Schedule

car maintenanceCar care could be likened to routine checkups by a doctor. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that it should be treated with such gravity. A robust engine performs better, for longer than a neglected one. Regular maintenance is not only reactive to tear and wear but also preventive of the same. It is also a practice that saves money in the long run. However, in achieving a routine maintenance schedule, a plan must be in place. Continue reading How to Plan Your Car Care Schedule

How to Maintain your Car Cooling System


car coolingWe often get lots of questions about car cooling system – the system that cools car engine and keeps it at a proper operating temperature. To answer this question better, we shall look at the coolant itself and second, the parts that make up the cooling systems.

The engine coolant consists of a mixture of water and anti-freezing elements that circulate through the engine to draw off heat. If the engine doesn’t have enough coolant, it won’t be cool. You also need to use the right kind of coolant. Different vehicle types require different coolant formulations to protect it against corrosion.

The coolant also needs to be fresh. Over time and as your vehicle gains more miles, the anti-corrosion additives in the coolant are depleted and this may make the coolant to start eating away the cooling parts.

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