5 Ways to Improve your Car’s Fuel Efficiency


Wordcloud: #COP21 Fossel Fuel Did you know a car can burn up to 30 percent more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular schedule? The importance car maintenance cannot be over emphasized. As gas prices continue to sow high, improving your car’s mileage is paramount. By stretching a tank further, you can reduce the number of times required to fill it up, as this can help to do more good than harm.

Regardless of what car you drive, you can always spend a little less money at the end of the month. Cutting back on gas expenses is an excellent way to pad your bank account. There is range of tips that your that you can implement to increase the mileage for your car.

1. Reduce excess weight

You might get surprised by how much junk and weight your car trunk can weigh. If your has front-wheel drive, putting extra weight on the axle means the front wheels are not getting as good grip as it could be and this reduces on mileage. Extra weight means the weight has to work a little harder to move the car, which also reduces your gas mileage. If you are having a lot of weight, making the car lighter can help you get a mile or two per gallon.

2. Inflate the tires properly

There is need to inflate the tire when they look low, even when they are slightly low. If they are undetectable, they can significantly reduce your mileage. Under inflated cars mean your engine is using more gas to move the car. Ensure your car tires are inflated to the pressure indicated in the owner’s manual to create a good balance between gas mileage and traction.

3. Regular tune up

Keeping up on a regular maintenance can go a long way to ensuring you get the best possible fuel economy. Changing the oil periodically, replacing spark plugs and air filters can help improve your car’s longevity in addition to reducing its as consumption.

4. Change air filter

air filterYour air filter is what protects your engine from bringing in all the dust, crap in the air and dirt. If the air filter is not working well, it will clog up much like the bag of a vacuum cleaner. Once it gets clogged up, the engine gets a harder time sucking air through it. To compensate for this reduced flow of air, the engine works on richening up the mixture by using more petrol that keeps the engine running smoothly.

5. Use recommended motor oil

Using old motor oils will not work well with your car. Your engine work on specific types of motor oil. If your oil is heavier than recommended, it will create too much friction and cause the car engine to work much harder and burn more fuel. Check from your owner’s manual to see if what is recommended for your can utilize the type of oil. Also, check on gas cap seal. For most cars, replacing gas cap is quite simple and can work a great deal to saving you many fuel bills.