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It is often frustrating to find any form of car trouble, especially if you are in a hurry or when you are far from an auto shop. These types of incidences can be avoided if you take the initiative or regularly checking and maintaining your car. Regular car repair and maintenance can help prevent the possibility of your car being stuck in uncalled for situations.

A proper maintenance of your vehicle is key to keeping it on the road. There are different car maintenance measures that one can do to keep your vehicle at its best. It is quite paramount to bring your vehicle to an auto shop and have it checked, or better still, perform the basic and frequent DIY maintenance.


Why Car Maintenance?


This blog talks about the importance of car maintenance and how to perform the basics of these tests. Above all, the engine is the heart of your car and if busted, your car is useless. Having the engine checked regularly ensures that it is working properly and that it is up to speed.

It is also important to check the car transmission systems to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road. Your car brakes should be in top notch condition as they are quite important for your safety. Low brake fluid levels can cause soft brake pedals.

At the same time, dirty brake pads can cause brakes to squeak. Having the brakes checked regularly by a mechanic can help prevent such unfortunate incidences from happening and ultimately reduce the risks of accidents that are caused by brake malfunction.

To maintain safety and lower the cost of car, it is important to have it inspected regularly. There should be regular mechanical inspection and not just a visual inspection of your automotive – this is because not many components can be visually inspected.

In our articles, we are going to look at various car repair and maintenance issues such as preventive maintenance, tire services, repair services and performance. While every make and model has its nuances, every vehicle has basic service and maintenance needs.

Regarding general maintenance, we shall look at maintenance mistakes to avoid, car care schedules, understanding exhaust fumes, cleaning fuel injectors and fuel efficiency among other stuff. We shall also discuss warning signs such as air filter warning signs, oil filters among others. We shall also look at battery and electrical, oil and fluids, heating and cooling and wheels, brakes and suspensions. Happy reading!