Tips and Tricks to Maximize the Life of Your Car

car lifeA car is one of the most treasured and valuable possessions. It is something we heavily depend on, during our daily commuting errands. Today, it is possible to keep a car long before making an upgrade by following maintenance and care tips that can maximize the cars life. Here are simple tricks and tips to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle.

Perform Monthly Inspections

One of the primary problems that many people face regarding car batteries is the build up of corrosion on the terminals. You need do a monthly check on the battery to ensure that the terminals are clean and corrosion free. Corrosion damages the connection between the vehicle and the battery. You can use acid on Coca-Cola or an alkaline solution such as a paste which eats the corrosion away.

Don’t operate Car Accessories Before Turning the Car Ignition

Car accessories include lights, radio, and electronics. When you turn these accessories on before turning the ignition on, you are relying on the car battery to power these electronics. Such acts would weaken the battery, as batteries are meant to provide a sudden burst of energy for ignition. They are not intended to power electronics for a prolonged time, as doing so weakens the battery.

Keep Maintenance Schedules

car maintenanceWhen you buy a new car, you need to read the manual in full. Pay keen attention to the required maintenance schedules and follow such accordingly. Choose a certified automotive service center who have the right know-how to handle your car on a consistent basis. Ensure that you do not skip any scheduled car service whatsoever. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule increases the resale value of your vehicle and ensures that you can activate the manufacturer’s warranty comfortably.

Avoid Short Trips

Cold starts have an adverse impact on your engine. They are heavy in your engine parts as short trips shorten the muffler life due to building up of condensation. You need to combine multiple errands into one trip and avoid ultra short journeys. Don’t let your car engine cold for a long time even when you need to be away from the car for a long time. Ensure that you have someone on standby who can ignite the vehicle and let the engine run for some time.

Other aspects include keeping the tires at the right inflation. Under inflated tires contribute to a lower gas mileage. Replace fluids periodically and change vital elements such as air filters, brake pads timing belts among others. Rotate your tires and have the wheels well aligned.