Top Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Auto_MechanicImagine your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, without anything you can do about it, you sit in and wish you sold it off to the last offer you almost considered but didn’t. You barely know anything under the hood besides a build of mechanics that understand the drain on your wallet. Such a scene is quite familiar, actually more common. Because some barely know that there is an engine in the car, we do need professionals who understand all that we don’t in regards to automobiles.

These professionals are called mechanics, and quite often we find ourselves adding them to the list of our barber for men and hairdresser for women. Compelled by the love we have for our vehicles, we should learn one or two things every time we meet with the mechanic for with a healthy car we are safer. Below are a few questions one could ask their mechanic to develop and nurture confidence in their craftsmanship.

What are my repair preferences?

Virtually all car issues can be solved through multiple resolutions. By default, most mechanics will go for a more expensive solution without offering the less costly ones first. It is, therefore, streetwise to exhaust all avenues before settling on one. It’s your mechanic’s responsibility to assist you in understanding the ins and outs of the car. He should also suggest ways of caring for the vehicle especially in drafting a maintenance schedule.

Are the parts and services under warranty?

It’s common practice for shops to offer guarantees on product or services they deal in. Such services are as many as those offering them, however.  Hence, even before a service center gets to work on your vehicle, inquire about the warranties and related services they offer. Genuine services will provide guarantees and warranties because they trust the work of their mechanics. A store or mechanic agreeing to such options is worth believing, at least before they lose it.

Can you show me the problem?

Such a question may seem probative, but it may be an eye-opening moment in knowing something about your mechanic. If he can direct towards the problem in easy-to-understand language, then you can have faith that the problem is understood which will lead to finding solutions to it. It is also a way of following up on the repair needs of your car. You will be one step ahead come your next visit to the mechanic.

Can I see the defective part?

It should be a habit to request your mechanic to have the replaced part in the new part packing. Seeing the used and unused parts is educational. It is also a way of ensuring that the parts were replaced. However worm out the replaced part is, it should be requested for nonetheless.

What happens if I don’t fix a problem?

Seek to learn the consequences of a discovered issue that you don’t plan to take care of immediately. Based on the nature of the part in need of repair, it is good to want to know what your options are.